Lightscape Rentals

Lighting special events is a passion of mine, as it merges my interests and abilities in lighting and interior design  to create magical spaces that are intimately warm and captivating. It is with great pleasure to take part in the process of creating a  beautiful event that you and your guests can enjoy on a night to remember. My extensive experience in the wedding industry, from designing to event installation, will bring ease and  excitement to the vision and creation of your special event.

Each event has specific lighting needs, and a consultation to help style your space with the perfect Lightscape is where the design process begins. If you’re interested in adding ambience to your event with a custom Lightscape installation, please contact me to schedule a consultation.

I offer candlelight tablescape and handblown glass terrarium options as well as custom lighting installations.  Rental prices vary based on your specific needs.

I look forward to illuminating your special event!


Tablescape Vessels – for retail or rental pricing upon request

My tablescape vessels are available to rent or own in quantities to light any event.

Golden Bowls

These gorgeous bowls with a soft metallic gold finish on the inside are perfect glowing nests for tealights, and compliment both rustic and high-end tablescapes.

Handblown Glass Terrariums

Handblown glass terrariums in a variety of shapes and sizes. Can be made to hang as a pendant, or rest on the table and filled with a wonderful assortment of terrarium plants.

Hand dipped beeswax tapers

The smell of my home fills with beeswax each fall when I hand dip 100% beeswax tapers to fill simple black walnut candle holders, made from reclaimed walnut from my wood shop.

Handblown Glass Lanterns

Handblown glass pendants that hang delicately in numbers above a table that can hold either an oil candle or a vase of flowers.

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